Michael Sean

Shortcodes like “Blog Posts” and “Masonry” offer the option of displaying a post titles and excerpts, I see that this works if the posts in question are made with the default wordpress editor.
October 27, 2017/by admin

Dolphin Dance

I loved working on this film! …and my kids loved it too. Beautiful imagery, a lovely concept, and working with the wonderful Chisa Hidaka made every moment a pleasure.
I was Editor, Colorist, and music designer, mixing existing tracks, for this film.
October 26, 2017/by admin

Paper or Plastic

This short film was created as a “proof of concept” for a feature film we hope to make using this message, style, and framework. 
NOTE – some elements are not supported by the team anymore, but still live in this cut, though will be changed – examples include using corn to make bioplastic – which has more problems than benefits.
October 26, 2017/by admin

5. NOVA Spy Factory – NSA’s Blind Spot


This excerpt is one of the most fascinating. Here we discover the hijacker's final summit on the eve of 911 was held at a small hotel in Laurel, Maryland, the same small town which the NSA calls home.
October 26, 2017/by admin

Net Zero

When a post is created with Enfold’s advanced layout editor how can I add text that will be output as an excerpt by post aggregator shortcodes like Blog Posts and Masonry? It doesn’t seem to identify text that’s part of a text box element.
October 26, 2017/by admin


Our demos are one of a kind: we only offer full concept demos with multiple pages that show whole projects, unlike others who only include a single page and call that a demo 😉
October 26, 2017/by admin